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nouglies's Journal

We are beautiful... no matter what they say.
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Anybody , Moderated
I guess this is the same as nonuglies... except for the following:

  • This community is for the top 5% of the population (unlike nonuglies -- which is only for the top 2%).
  • No posts will be deleted (unless, of course, the post violates the LJ TOS).
  • Anonymous comments are allowed.
  • No users will be removed/banned from the community.
  • "Ugly people" will be allowed to post. This might completely defeat the purpose of a "no uglies" community; however, it will allow for the "uglies" to receive feedback on their appearance in order to refine their image and become beautiful.
  • Fags and dykes are allowed to post.

    Your creator/moderator/maintainer is jameth. Your other moderators/maintainers are quasidan and sebatical. Praise.

    P.S. Contrary to popular belief, Livejournal is not my life. Any emails or IM messages re: this community will be ignored (unless it is fan mail). I will take action in this community only if LJABUSE threatens to shut us down for whatever reason. That is all. bye.